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This is the third of four vocal solos from THE FOUR ARTISTS, a cantata for SATB soloists, chorus, and piano.  Click on the title below to listen.

THE POET  music by Glenn Hardy    sonnet by Margaret Hardy                                          

I sometimes thought that I could touch the light

And hold it in the center of my hand

Or understand how galaxies began

Like sacred birds unfolding into flight;


At other times I dwelt in darkest night

With demons who pursued me day by day

Through boulders that lay fallen in my way

And caves wherein the world had come apart.


In poems I traced the progress of my heart

Before I ever knew it in my head

A rhyme of hope was rising from the dead

To fly among the gracious galaxies:


And, O, at last the blessed power to see

Like sacred birds unfolding, we are free.


  1988 Glenn Hardy
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