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This is the first of four vocal solos from THE FOUR ARTISTS, a cantata for SATB soloists, chorus, and piano.  Click on the link to listen.

THE DANCER    music by Glenn Hardy    sonnet by Margaret Hardy                                          

I sit cross- legged in my eastern room

As sunlight plays along the curtain lace

My legs move first, and then my fingers trace

A pattern like a weaver at a loom.


Among my plants and cats and household tasks

I dance, and take whatever each day brings:

I do not search the where and why of things;

I am not one who answers or who asks.


The power of this music which remains

Within me as I go about my day

By what hand it is written- Who can say?

I am not one to question or explain.


But, O, that blessed dancer who might see

The maker of such choreography!


  1988 Glenn Hardy
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