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This is the fourth of four vocal solos from THE FOUR ARTISTS, a cantata for SATB soloists, chorus, and piano.  Click on the title below to listen.

THE COMPOSER  music by Glenn Hardy    sonnet by Margaret Hardy                                          

I touch the keys so perfectly aligned

And O like water danced upon by light

Or starry patterns in the ink blue night

The sound and silence their own measure find.


I listen to a music from a place

So far removed from what my eyes can see

Where there is heard a greater harmony

Than textbooks teach or written scores can trace,


A counterpoint far lovlier than Bach's

-If such a thing were possible at all-

In which the birds of heaven rise and fall

As water chases water over rocks.


My nourished heart reluctantly returns

To write the music which such vision earns


  1988 Glenn Hardy
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