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I offer private piano instruction for all age and skill levels. The focus of lessons may be genre specific or it may be more broadly construed to include different styles and traditions. All students are encouraged to explore playing by ear as well as through reading music notation. Basic harmony and theory can be included.

I also offer lessons in developing and furthering improvisation skills.

For those students interested in composition, lessons may include the fundamentals of form, organizing musical ideas, scoring and notation, as well as the use of music software. Emphasis is on learning to use Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and scoring programs such as Finale and Sibelius.

I am open to working with students through video consultation.

I am available for assistance and consultation in setting up a home music studio. This would possibly include discussion of the various types of hardware involved, and would deal with topics such as computers, keyboards, MIDI, audio recording, and digital recording of mp3 files and CDs. Sometimes, it can be a major accomplishment just getting everything to work together. I can help.


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