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    Here is a listing of sheet music I currently have available. Please contact me for prices. Click on the links
    for a view of each piece.  These sample pages are scans, and the quality of the sheet music is far
    superior  to what you see onscreen.
  All compositions by Glenn Hardy
    ennead 1   suite in nine movements
    The New Day    collection of nine pieces
    3 days in may    suite in 11 movements
     Water Music Suite
     Motor Music
     ennead 3   suite in nine movements
     Piano selections available separately:
        The New Day  
        Minimal Motor Boogie  
        New Motor 1  
        New Motor 2  
        New Motor 3  
        New Motor 4  
        For James Taylor  
        Toccata 1  
        Toccata 2  
        Prelude to the Four Artists  
   Other selections may be available by request.
 Piano and Voice
   Poem by Margaret Hardy
      The Most Intelligent, the Most Beautiful Things...  (mezzo soprano)
   Poem by Margaret Hardy
      Choreographer of Birds (soprano)
   Poem by Margaret Hardy
      First Lessons (soprano, piano, and double-bass)
   Poems by Margaret Hardy
      Three War Poems for Baritone
         1.Epitaph for George Butterworth  Page 1   Page 2
         2.Tombeau for Max Jakob   Page 1   Page 2
         3.The Vision for Carl Jung   Page 1   Page 2
 Organ and Voice
   Bible texts for the sacred songs are from the King James version.
   An oboe plays the vocal part on all sacred song mp3 files except for "Hear O Israel."
      Bless the Lord O My Soul                      
      Behold, What Manner of Love  
      Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God  
      Hear O Israel                                         
      For the Beauty of the Earth  
      My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord  
      Wise Men Are Ashamed  
      He That Believeth On Me  
      How Excellent Is Thy Name  
      I Am the Vine  
      The Lord is My Light  
      O Lord, Thou Art My God  
      On This Day in Bethlehem  
      The Lord Is My Shepherd  
      Eye Hath Not Seen  
 Mixed Chorus 
   Poem by Robert Frost:
      Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
   Poem by Margaret Hardy:
      The Star and the Manger  (with piano accompaniment)  Page 1   Page 7
      The Star and the Manger (a cappella)
   Poems by Margaret Hardy
      My Safety, Lord (based on Psalm 91)
      My Days and Nights (based on Psalm 31)
      We Are Risen (Easter anthem)
      The Steps I Take (based on Psalm 23)
   Sonnets by Margaret Hardy
      The Four Artists for SATB soloists and piano
              1. The Dancer  
              2. The Photographer  
              3. The Poet  
              4. The Composer  
   Poem by Tennyson
      Ring Out Wild Bells from In Memoriam
 Male Chorus
   Poem by Robert Frost:
      The Silken Tent
 Chamber Music
   Three Dances for guitar, mandolin, and flute  I.   II.   III
   Quartet 4 Joyce for harp, guitar, mandolin, and flute
   Pantoums by Margaret Hardy
      1. Sunset  Canon for Piano Quintet and High Voice
      2. Sunrise Canon for Piano Quintet and High Voice
   Sonnets by Margaret Hardy
      The Age of Exploration for soprano, harpsichord, and 'cello
               1. Celestial Navigation
               2. Withdrawl of Light        
               3. Matoaka
               4. The Age of Exploration
 Orchestra and Chorus
   Text by Margaret Hardy  
      Images 1939/1993  for mezzo-soprano, chorus, piano, and string orchestra
    Carnival for Concert Band   Complete score with all parts available
         1. Mozart Parade  6:24
         2. Rondo/Serenade  4:26
         3. Granados Masquerade  7:29
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