Purchasing CDs or Sheet Music
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The prices below (postage included) are for CDs which I manufacture myself. These are CDs which I have not had commercially duplicated, either because they are too new, too weird, or perhaps just not appealing to a large number of people (perish the thought.)
         1 CD     $14.00
         2 CDs   $26.00
         3 CDs   $36.00
         4 CDs   $45.00
         Please contact me regarding larger quantities.
Prices for sheet music  (postage included)
      Fifteen Sacred Songs   for Voice and Organ, CD included  $35.00
      ennead 1   for piano, CD included $35.00
      The New Day   for piano, CD included $35.00
      3 days in may   for piano, CD included $35.00
      Water Music Suite  for piano, CD included $35.00 
      Motor Music  for piano, CD included $35.00
Please contact me for prices of other sheet music
To purchase CDs or sheet music please contact me through the above link, or mail your check to:
Glenn Hardy
PO Box 295
Old Mystic, CT USA 06372
Be sure to include your mailing address.

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