This is music for piano and various ensembles, including small orchestra, piano trio and quartet, and electronic instruments. Some jazz, some world music, a little bit of techno/electronica...a mixed bag of genres. Click on the links to listen.
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A wave function or wavefunction is a probability amplitude in quantum mechanics describing the quantum state of a particle and how it behaves. Typically, its values are complex numbers and, for a single particle, it is a function of space and time. The laws of quantum mechanics (the Schrödinger equation) describe how the wave function evolves over time. The wave function behaves qualitatively like other waves, like water waves or waves on a string, because the Schrödinger equation is mathematically a type of wave equation. This explains the name "wave function", and gives rise to wave-particle duality. Got that?

1. arab spring 5:48
2. slow dancing 4:17
3. un poco bluzado 3:00
4. trio improv for george shearing 7:30
5. miyagi for shakuhachi and piano trio 7:08
6. marching to...WHERE? 7:08
7. terra infirma 8:46
8. uncertainty principle 2:30
9. chaconne 5:33
10. dark water 5:05
11. wave function 8:15
12. L'Ana dances 5:00


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