SOLO PIANO II: Compositions and Improvisations

My second album, imaginatively titled  SOLO PIANO II,  features more of a jazz and blues influence, in addition to having a higher energy level than the first CD.  With this album, I  continue to explore the many aspects of improvisation. My goal in this exploration has been to achieve a structured type of improvisation in which all the elements are created spontaneously, but within recognizable forms. This is distinct from both traditional jazz improvisation, where players usually begin with a set tune which is then varied through the soloist's improvisations, and free improvisation, which tends to focus on the pure and/or abstract qualities of the sound itself, rather than a structured form.                                                                                                               

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1. Prelude 3:35*
2. Toccata 2 4:03
3. Schumannesque 5:40*
4. Toccata 3 3:29
5. Fantasy 4:26*
6. Daydream 3:10*
  G Suite  
7.   I. 4:27
8.   II-IV. 5:53
9.   V. 3:57
10. Lamentation 4:48*
11. Toccata 4 2:57
12. MyBluez 9:22*
13. Minimal Motor Boogie 3:53*
14. Shearingesque 3:04*
15. Confluence 2:29*
16. Buckeye Jim: an interpretation 4:28*

* improvisation
All selections 2003 Glenn Hardy
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