SOLO PIANO: Compositions and Improvisations

This CD was the result of my desire to perform in the studio as I perform in public: namely, alternating compositions with improvisations. While not exactly a "live" session recorded without stopping, the improvisations were unrehearsed and unedited, and most of the composed pieces were done in one or two takes.  In the seventeen years since I recorded this, I have become a better improviser and a better pianist, but there is very little I would change about this album.   Sometimes people ask if  this a classical album. There is much counterpoint and there are classical and romantic textures and forms, but since I am not attempting to explore any new ground as far as compositional technique or concepts, it cannot be considered "classical" by modern standards. It is more often called New Age. I can live with this, given that the genre has become a kind of grab bag for music that no one knows quite what to do with.  More and more musicians are mixing styles and breaking down the barriers of rigidly defined categories.  My music draws on the diverse influences of classical, jazz, blues, and what is now called American roots music and world music.


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1. Aubade* 4:29
2. Rondo 2:50
3. Little Star* 5:11
4. Only the Sweetness 4:47
5. Room 17* 3:25
6. Bagatelle 2:42
7. Granados* 4:30
8. Overture to the Four Artists 2:59
9. Merry Christmas, Mr. Sakamoto* 4:34
10. Pastorale 5:00
11. Dark Corner* 3:19
12. Toccata 3:29
13. Mystic River Slow Drag* 4:01
14. Morning Prayer 2:51
  * improvisation                                                 

All selections 1995 Glenn Hardy
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