Piano Sampler      music for wedding receptions, dinners, parties, etc.

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This is a small sampling of some of the music I might play at special events.  I'm happy to consider requests, as well as other types of music not found among the samples shown here.  Please note that samples of the quartet may be found near the bottom of the PERFORMING page.

1.   K.C.Boogie                                3:37  
2.   Maple Leaf Rag 1:47  
3.   In the Mood 2:47  
4.   Phantom of the Opera Suite 4:15  
5.   Piano Man 2:29  
6.   Rhumba Boogie 2:59  
7.   Under My Skin 1:50  
8.   Chopin Waltz in C# Minor 3:28  
9.   As Time Goes By 3:10  
10. Booker Boogie 3:16  
11. Linus & Lucy (Peanuts theme) 3:50  
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